/sɪə / (say sear)

verb (t)
1. to burn or char the surface of.
2. to mark with a branding iron.
3. to burn or scorch injuriously or painfully.
4. to harden, or make callous or unfeeling.
5. to dry up or wither.
6. to brown the surface of (meat) by a brief application of high heat.
verb (i)
7. to become dry or withered, as vegetation.
8. a mark or the like made by searing.
9. Chiefly Poeticsere1.
{Middle English sere (adjective), Old English sēar}
/sɪə / (say sear)

a pivoted piece in the firing mechanism of small arms which holds the hammer at full cock or half-cock.
{Old French serre lock, grasp, from serrer to grasp, hold, from Late Latin serāre to bar, bolt (from Latin sera bar)

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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